About Blend Menu

Contactless ordering for Hotels & Restaurants. Allow your guests to place orders from their smartphones without installing anything. Guests just scan a QR code and order. Improve the room service experience and extend your mini bar. Instant updates allow you to always have a seasonal room service menu available, along with daily specials. Promote room amenities with a pillow, toiletries and newspaper menu.

  • React js
  • React Redux
  • Matrial UI

Why go for Blend Menu - Features

Upsell Items

With appealing photos and pairing suggestions.

Localise menus

Our multi language support will make your guest feel at home.

Prioritise safety & convenience

Make guests feel secure for their first travel after many months.

Full admin panel control

Blend menu admin panel can be accessed from any computer or tablet.

Easy to implement

Blend menu does not require expensive hardware, only a tablet or a computer with internet access.